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Mr Leo ~U want something?~ by JadeGreenImmortality Mr Leo ~U want something?~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 3 11 Durarara!! Izaya Orihara Genderbend ~Izayami~ by JadeGreenImmortality Durarara!! Izaya Orihara Genderbend ~Izayami~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 5 16 Collab Lineart ~An Extraordinary New Friendship?~ by JadeGreenImmortality Collab Lineart ~An Extraordinary New Friendship?~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 9 13 Collab WiP ~An Extraordinary New Friendship?~ by JadeGreenImmortality Collab WiP ~An Extraordinary New Friendship?~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 5 7 ~'Uh?'~ Gift: Durarara!!-OC NoName by JadeGreenImmortality ~'Uh?'~ Gift: Durarara!!-OC NoName :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 4 7
~A Hidden Truth~ One Piece ???xMother!Reader
“Hey, Mom? “
“Yes, Honey? “
You stopped brushing your daughter’s shining locks and lifted your face to smile at her with a loving expression. With both your faces reflected in the mirror, the similarities between the two of you were more visible than ever.
Responding to your love with a wide grin full of tooth gaps, she turned around to face you. Her eyes sparkled with expectations and you could barely hold back a sigh, knowing which question that expression announced.
“Are we going with them this time?”
“No, we’re not, Honey,” you responded, stroking her hair softly in order to soothe her and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.
“It’s still too early; you’re too young to be a pirate.”
Tenshi pouted, crossing her arms in a defiant manner and lifting her chin up proudly.
“I’m reaching the age of seven today, Mom, I’m old enough!”
Seeing her enthusiasm, you couldn’t hold back
:iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 14 15
~'The hell are you talkin' about?'~ Finished by JadeGreenImmortality ~'The hell are you talkin' about?'~ Finished :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 8 29 ~Mr Leo~ by JadeGreenImmortality ~Mr Leo~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 5 12 ~'The hell are you talkin' about?'~ Sketch by JadeGreenImmortality ~'The hell are you talkin' about?'~ Sketch :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 13 24 D. Gray-man OC Children  ~Sycrit Kanda~ by JadeGreenImmortality D. Gray-man OC Children ~Sycrit Kanda~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 8 8 Art Trade Coloured ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ by JadeGreenImmortality Art Trade Coloured ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 9 6 Surreal Me, Myself and I by JadeGreenImmortality Surreal Me, Myself and I :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 8 8 Art Trade Lineart ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ by JadeGreenImmortality Art Trade Lineart ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 7 4
~Special~ LuffyxReader
It was the sunniest day you had seen at the Grandline since a long time.
Silently enjoying the hot feeling upon your skin, you propped your arms up behind you, stretched your legs out and got lost in the sight before you: Blue shining sea and blue shining sky, fighting an unsolvable fight about whose colours were brighter and more beautiful. Never had you been able to take a better look at the beauty of the ocean before today.
What perfection!
The atmosphere was quite relaxing and you enjoyed a lot sitting here, but you weren’t able to relax a hundred percent. That was because of the one person that unexplainably and surprisingly decided to invite you to come up here with him.
But had ever any of his actions been explainable?
“You were right Luffy, the view from up here is certainly the best,” you said with a thankful nod, turning your face away from the sun to your beloved captain that was sitting right next to you.
Well, more like pressed beside you because there
:iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 21 4
Art trade WiP ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ by JadeGreenImmortality Art trade WiP ~Attack on Titan OC Natasha~ :iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 8 8
~Dancing Revival~ SanjixFem!Reader
If you want to enjoy this a 100%, I advice you either to listen to this or, if you don't like the song, to a fast song you really love :).
Also, it's possible that you may understand this more if you're a dancing or music freak :P .
But, no more talking, have fun :>!
The moment you heard the first tones of the song you knew it would take over you. Mesmerized, you turned away from Sanji, who you where accompanying to a shopping tour at the island you arrived recently.
“Hm? (y/n)-chwan~, is there somewhere you wanna go?”
But you just ignored the cook’s cooing; almost running into the bar that was just some houses further ahead. The moment you entered the room, you felt the music like a tsunami rush over you.
“How can this be…” you breathed, already feeling your body relax. It has been so long since you did hear this sound the last time…
Looking around, you discovered a small recorder at the bar, play
:iconjadegreenimmortality:JadeGreenImmortality 13 18


Kuroo Tetsurou :Broken AC's Mean No Kissies: (3/12
: Broken AC’s Mean No Kissies :
Hungry lips casing your neck in bruising kisses and digits thirsty for a wave of sensations never to be spoken outside of their comfort. It was truly delightful to see that Tetsurou felt such a way, seeing him painfully craving your body like that made your abdomen ache.
His feelings not only conceived out of lust, but of love. The pleasing mixture of a breathtaking start to a glorious finish, almost guaranteeing a lovely afterglow from the previous, precious ministrations he’d placed you upon.
Now if only he’d chosen a better place.
Maybe someplace cooler or someplace with a working AC unit.
Sure he may be a science guru, but he is no genius.
The sticky dot of sweat sliding down your temple was silently taunting you and your withstanding predicament placing further emphasis on you clear dis
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 18 8
Angel Grace | Aomine Daiki
It's that smile he fell in love with; that smile he would fight for. 
You often think of that little world of yours, your passion, and the corners of your lips tilt upwards slightly. Then, embarrassed despite there being no reason for you to feel so, you force down the pleasant emotion your face describes, but you think of that little thing again and the smile returns, yet larger, a grin. 
It's the most gorgeous thing Aomine has ever seen and it is visible proof to him that you're otherworldly.
You are his Goddess, he would die for you. 
He whispers how much he loves you in the morning, when you're in a peaceful nirvana between dreams and down. You don't hear his words, nor feel the gentle press of his lips to your forehead. He would never admit it yet these moments are the ambrosia that empower him as the world comes to an aggressive crash around him. 
If Earth was destroyed, he has no doubts that you, with the familiar tear drop shape of clusters of white feat
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 18 1
Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader :Heat: SPECIAL (2/12)
Poor (Y/N).
He’d only been gone a couple of minutes and he returns to this red-faced, very burned mess of a girlfriend. Searching through the bag for the tube of sunscreen and finally breaking it free from its plastic captor, he hands it over to the girl.
He almost laughs when she becomes even more irritated not receiving the relief she’d been promised. Still red-faced and shiny from the ointment, she points to the bag.
“What’s that?”
Handing the bag over to his very uncomfortable lover and seeing her face go from irritated to elated, he feels a smile brush over his face. Pulling one of the frozen treats from the bag for himself he rips open the package and starts chewing away at it.
Kinda reminds him of what his lips taste like after he kisses her.
She swears up and down that no applications have been placed up
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 20 28
Levi x Reader - When Loss Mends
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
You paced the pristine white floor nervously, your three-inch heels clacking a steady rhythm as it landed on each tile. The large clock on the wall ticked in synchrony with your steps, marking the passing of every second. Your gaze was fixated on your feet as it moved back and forth – tick and tock. The flow of time seemed to be dictated by the subconscious movement of your legs.
“Would time stop if my legs stopped?” you thought.
The silent vibration of your phone snapped you out of your reverie. Muttering silent curses under your breath, you dug the horrid object out of your pocket and saw one message from your editor.
Deadline is in another two hours! Hurry up with your article.
Your hands trembled in fury as you fought to control yourself from throwing the wretched communication device at the wall and smashing it into dozens of mechanical pieces.
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 90 95
Run With The Wind by NikaTuwa Run With The Wind :iconnikatuwa:NikaTuwa 74 22
Daichi Sawamura x Reader :Failed Proposals:
He never thought in a million years he'd be buying such an item, especially for such a girl.
(F/N) (L/N), hopefully soon-to-be (F/N) Sawamura.
It was only a couple of days after he had gotten the O.K. from her parents and he was already ripping through the city to find the perfect ring.
This is all thanks to Yachi Hitoka for dragging poor (F/N) into their volleyball practice.
We hit it off.
If only she knew the hell she's putting him through right now...
Unnerving thoughts that range from rejection to immediate disaster.
Yes, Daichi has experience with proposals, opportunity proposals that is. But only because of Karasuno's coach vacancy, someone had to take charge! Then Ukai-san swooped in.
The young man found himself in front of his third jeweler visit.
He steps in.
He doesn't know what the hell to do.
Nevermind that.
Daichi grabs the attention of a clerk.
"How may I help you this evening?"
He seems nice...
Check his fingers
Low and behold the magic ba
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 31 18
Cat toys by Missangest Cat toys :iconmissangest:Missangest 128 15 Mothers Day by Missangest Mothers Day :iconmissangest:Missangest 182 12 Winter Soldier by N7Ziri Winter Soldier :iconn7ziri:N7Ziri 42 5
Nishinoya Yuu x Reader :Summer Woes: SPECIAL 1/12
:Summer Woes:
Hearing your bike make a clicking sound every time you pushed your foot down on the pedal was comforting enough.
The steady tone of ticking indicating advancement on whatever path you're treading.
It’s just so rewarding.
But the moments that are even more rewarding is when you have your idiot enjoying it alongside you.
Listening to him ramble on about whatever it is he’s thinking about is probably the cutest thing known to mankind, and how that little streak of gold in the mess he calls hair is whipping around in such a way that makes your face go red.
It’s just the perfect amount of sun to compliment that golden aura of his with a rosy hue to crown his cheeks.
No doubt the same had happened to you nonetheless…
Hearing him slow down his bike, cueing you to do exactly the same.
He turns to look at you,
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 15 12
One piece _ The A-team by MimiSempai One piece _ The A-team :iconmimisempai:MimiSempai 104 38 Wanderer der Zeit by Sitar-sama Wanderer der Zeit :iconsitar-sama:Sitar-sama 2 37
Nishinoya Yuu x Reader :These Peaceful Mornings:
Waking up to his lover admiring his resting face was way cooler than he’d ever imagined.
A girl in his bed, looking at him lovingly?
When did this happen?
Instead of freaking out, he just gave his signature grin that could end wars and instantly fix a bad day.
“Good morning (F/N)-chan!”
After her shower of kisses and a very loud morning groan, they both tuck their heads under the blankets and roll over to each other.
Wrapping his arms and legs around her and sticking his head down to her chest, he attempts to fall back into the embrace of his beloved only for the action to be imposed by his flattened hair to be tugged at by her thin fingers.
Trailing one of his hands to meet hers and peeking his head up, he receives a questionable down glance from her.
Letting out a moan of acknowledgment and shifting his to look to hers.
“I have to go home.”
(F/N) is a bit taken back by the young man’s behavior, he isn’t usually his
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 36 25
Keishin Ukai x Reader :Early Riser:
:Early Riser:
Walks early enough to watch the sunrise and hour later were your forte.
The tasteful mixture of blues, purples and the faintest of pinks and yellows all meeting together to form one big mural.
Strolling through the sidewalks that guaranteed a never-ending adventure.
Memories start to flood into your mind, comforting ones.
Ones from when you were in your days of youth.
Before you owned your own apartment, before you had to pay bills or keep a job, before you no longer had time to have fun.
Continuing on your peaceful trail the scent of smoke begins to get a strong title and finally, the scent becomes a visible line ascending itself into the colors you’d come to love for years.
A man who sits behind his shop window relieving his mind with sticks of tobacco.
A man with a masculine posture to assist with his ‘bad boy’
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 26 30
that style flexibility by retroraptor that style flexibility :iconretroraptor:retroraptor 10 11
Bro | Tsukishima Kei + Kuroo Tetsuro
Platonic!Tsukishima x Reader x Platonic!Kuroo
Your voice raced into the room, almost as fast as you did into Kuroo’s open arms. This was the first time you had seen the third year middle blocker in around a month, and it was no understatement to say that a little piece of you had stayed with him whilst you cried in your room about ‘how unfair it is, Tsukki, that he’s not in Karasuno!’
Said ‘Tsukki’, whose constant growls to not be called that had fallen on blissfully ignorant ears, was standing rather self-consciously by the doorway. Fingers fiddling amongst each other, but eyes forced to stare straight at his two companions, the blonde had no idea how to approach. He wasn’t like you, with your desperate eagerness to see the ‘long lost Kuroo’ that comfortably hid your typical bashfulness and respectfulness; his pride (not to look like he’d missed the captain’s company) and awkwardness were clash
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 26 20



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Today I learned that doing make up is an art and it's f*cking complicated and it can change your whole facial anatomy.

Never be as cocky as me and start your third cosplay doing the opposite gender! Because the make up thing is HELL to understand if you were oblivious to it before!!
Why do I always  get most inspired when I have tiring, unwanted work to do.
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